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Reach Girl

Famous Baby C invented her own superhero. 

Her name is Reach Girl. She can change her limbs (and apparently her head), stretch to reach anything.

I guess these abilities would seem like super powers to a little girl. Being a short woman myself, I can see how being able to reach anything would be completely awesome.

Reach Girl is the one with the sassy black bob haircut and the military/ninja all black outfit. 

Her pals are named  Smoothie Girl, Knight Girl, Jewel Girl and Alien Girl. They make up the all-girl brigade of Lego girl superheroes.



I submitted Famous Baby C's ream of paperwork for preschool. I feel like I should start the letters of apology to other parents and her teachers now. They have no idea what is headed their way. None at all.

Since turning four, Baby C has become, shall we say, difficult? She has never been easy, not by a long shot. Recently though? Holy shit.

She just wears me out with her all out rage and screaming and constant tantrums. The screaming, oh my, the screaming. So very very obnoxious. Yes, I know that is the goal. Yes, I know that she is frustrated. Yes, I know that it is a phase. I am just not sure how much more of this phase I can take.

Maybe Reach Girl could help.


I like to move it, move it...

A little song...