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I like to move it, move it...

Madagascar 3 opened yesterday. There was an ad in the morning paper that included this "wig." Of course, there was a small scuffle because there was only one.

Anyway, we are huge fans of the Madagascar franchise around here. We anxiously await new episodes of The Penguins of Madagascar. If you haven't seen it, you really should check it out (yes, even adults). Skipper is one of the most highly quotable characters ever created.

So, here is the trailer to give you some context


And then, Grand Master H's backup dancer realized she was aprt of the act and not the audience. All of a sudden, she started rocking out and singing along.


 And I died from the cute.


I had easily one of the worst weeks of my adult life, but this? This is the shit I will remember. This is the stuff that makes my heart full and pushes out all of the ugly. Their smiles, their enthusiasm even at 4am. The love that they shower us with and the things they teach me every single day.

It doesn't get much better than dancing and singing in the kitchen with these two, one of them wearing a fake rainbow afro wig.


My new favorite show

Reach Girl