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A little song...


You may or may not have seen the trailers for Magic Mike, the male stripper movie coming out in a few weeks. I am dying to see this movie. Not because I am all into male strippers. They actually creep me out.

I have fallen victim to a pretty serious Channing Tatum crush. It has nothing to do with his appearance, although he is very easy on the eyes. He has such an easy acting style he seems to not be acting at all. Like Spencer Tracy. Seriously.

Also, not for nothing, but he and his wife just got an Peabody award for a documentary their production company made about Rwanda. Not too shabby.


My children, you know, the clothing optional ones, put on a little show that reminded me of this trailer. Okay, not really, but it struck me funny.


 Maybe it was the cough syrup/jet fuel.



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