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Feels like Monday

Could it be because Grand Master H used his fists of steel to smash an egg, spraying both of us 
in the face with egg white?

(yes, A, I got it in my hair, so I am sporting egg white hair today. Jersey Shore, here I come) 

Mmmmm...could be.

Or could it be because this morning Mr. Smith got a call that someone had stolen my credit card?
And they very wisely made a purchase for a whopping $.08.
Yup, Bonnie and Clyde are getting rich off the man by bilking me (HA!). 
Joke is on them.
I'm broke, you dumbasses!
Why don't you steal from someone with some damn money?
You know like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or Ron Paul, or even Rick Santorum?

Or could it be Monday because there is yet another ant swarm in this house?
This time the little effers are swarming in the spice cupboard.
I found one in the damn salt shaker.

Too early for happy hour?

Park Tour 2012

I weep for the future