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Park Tour 2012

It turns out my children are far more social than either of their parents.
Who could have seen that one coming?
 I was hoping for homebodies, but alas, they are charismatic little people, heaven help me.

Several weeks ago Grand Master H met a darling little boy. They have been inseparable ever since. His mother and I have traded email addresses and we schedule park time as frequently as possible.

They draw each other pictures, share snacks, run around and have a great time.

Baby C kind of gets left behind, but she has her own thing going on and always has.

On Sunday we met at the only park in the western hemisphere with a merry-go-round. You remember from childhood, twirling, death-defying, merry-go-round?

Of course my children are wild about the thing.

Well they were until Grand Master H fell and hurt his left butt cheek.
The party was pretty much over after that one.

Baby would not be deterred. 

She is a daredevil.

I am terrified of what our future holds.

Vertigo B proudly presents...

Feels like Monday