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I weep for the future

Apparently her peers, the yearbook staff, that rejected this Playboy Photo Senior Portrait, have a 
bit of a brighter future.

See, here's the thing, she and her mother (of course, because what father would endorse this) and a handful of fellow students and alumni are protesting the decision made by the yearbook staff.

Apparently she needs the PR to get her pole dancing/stripper/massage business off the ground.

Have you seen this lovely young lady?

She was 16 (!) when she married Doug. He was 51 at the time. Can I get a big EWWWWWWW?

She is supposedly, to quote her parents who approved the marriage, a "nice Christian girl who has not had plastic surgery." Right. And I am the Queen of England.

She is an aspiring country singer. He apparently always longed to molest a teenager with implants. I guess he thinks its okay because she looks like a scary 46 year old stripper, but seriously? What are her parents thinking? Are they thinking? 

You know, this guy played a creepy character on The X-Files that harvested livers, so I guess this doesn't seem too awful compared to that.

On the other hand, her wedding bouquet appears to be smaller than her surgically altered breasts.

I guess I just don't get this urge to turn teenage girls into strippers.

What the hell is going on here?

Feels like Monday

2012 can just suck it