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Granola Bone

Archie is exactly that gorgeous. 

He is, however, an anxious fellow.

He worries.

He worries that there are packs of wild dogs roving the countryside 
that will break into the house and steal his granola bone/treats.

He wanders the house, agitated, each evening looking for the perfect hiding place.

Sometimes he cries.

He "buries" it in imaginary dirt.

Usually in plain view.

I get that he has the urge to bury things.

I still can't figure out what makes him conjure up imaginary dirt that he can move with this snout.

Also, sometimes he howls when he thinks he is alone.

As in, he thinks no one is in the house and he howls.

I discovered this when I had taken the children out for a walk. I could hear him out on the street. 

I can only imagine what our neighbors think. Between the naked hillbilly kids playing in the hose, to the Bloodhound wannabe howling over absolutely nothing.

We are not having fun