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We are not having fun

This happened on Saturday morning...not bad except for the power lines.

Oh, don't get me wrong.

We keep trying, but we keep getting knee-capped by Patient Zero aka Grand Master H.

You see, putting your little cherub in preschool? That one act opens a Pandora's Box of disease and pestilence the likes of which has not been seen since the Middle Ages. They wipe their noses on their hand and then wipe in on the table, they sneeze and stuff flies out of them, they NEVER wash their hands voluntarily. They are everything the CDC warns you to avoid and they live in your house!

Patient Zero was the first to fall. It appeared, at first, to be a relatively non-disruptive cold. 
48 hours and gone.

Only not.

It comes back. And when it comes back, it carries with it a fever and wavering voice and congestion and runny nose, rusty throat, coughing, etc. It is a lovely way to spend a weekend with 
two stubborn willful children.

And then, to keep things lively, I started to feel the rust growing in my throat. And the aches and pains that only come when I have a fever.

Happy weekend EVERYONE!

Despite three of our party having fallen victim to The Plague, we tried to do something fun. One of the perks of living in Southern California is that it is possible to go to the beach on October 1st and
get sunburned.

So we, very stupidly, decided to go to the beach. As it turns out, people with fevers, crappy attitudes and runny noses should just stay the hell home. At least the waves weren't 8-9 feet this time!

We tried, but certain folks were cold (running a fever) and crabby.

That happened about ten minutes after we lugged all of our crap down to the beach.

That was right around the time I got really crabby.

We made it about 75 minutes before giving up the ghost and returning to 
The House of Phlegm and Misery.

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