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After dousing most of the kitchen with Ant Death™ (I don't know the real name, but that is pretty much what the result is), we still had the little darlings strolling around on the counter.

The sight of their little black selves going for a jaunt on our counter, in our cupboards, etc. WHERE

This has been occupying FAR too much of my time and attention this week.

Anyhow, I know, you are just thrilled to go through this with me.

I seem to have accidentally hit upon a solution.

It appears that if you smash said ants and leave their dead little corpses the other ants no longer have any interest in meandering around your counter.

You know, it is kind of like how people get the heebie jeebies around graveyards or the morgue? I don't, but other people do. Let's not forget, I am the Wednesday Addams wannabe that was reading Edgar Allen Poe in Fourth grade, so I am probably not the standard.

Anyhoo, I have only seen TWO ants that were capable of motion today, so there has been MAJOR progress on that front.

Perhaps now I can do something productive?

Hey, while I was maintaining my crazy ant lady vigil, I redesigned my blog header!

With major help from pshero.com (who by the way, is like the BIGGEST Photoshop rockstar there is). You should check out his stuff, if you are a gigantic ant-obsessed loser like myself.

My next post will have no mention of ANTS!

I promise.

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