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Preschool Confidential - Episode One

Yesterday was Grand Master H's first day of preschool.

It was so funny to hear the balance of the day dribble out in bits and pieces.

He is such a boy. No information is shared willingly, you have to pull it out of him. I feel like I am waterboarding him, for Pete's sake, when all I am doing is trying to find out about his day.

So after an hour or so, he starts telling us about Mr. Guilty. Apparently, H spent his day with three other little guys (four boys 4-5 years old...be afraid). The four of them are now as thick as thieves.

When they were having their snack, the aforementioned Mr. Guilty spit his chocolate chewy bar all over two of his compadres to the delight and horror of everyone else.

This was the high point of Grand Master H's day.

He was still cracking up about it, but refused to divulge Mr. Guilty's given name.

Loyalty even when you are five.


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