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And the milestones just keep coming...

Today Grand Master H got shoved out of the nest and into preschool. 
Go ahead, I know. He is five, but damn. 

I was scared shitless to send him. The kid is a live wire and I didn't want anyone to squelch that. 
I wanted his personality to stay the way it is. I know, he makes me nuts sometimes, but come on people. He is hilarious!

So off he went. After informing me in the car that, "You aren't a perfect Mommy, you know."

When his sister and I went to pick him up, he burst into tears. The poor kid thought I wouldn't come back to get him.

Yeah, I am the Mother of the Freakin' Year.

As the day wore on, more and more information trickled out.

"I told them about Famous Baby C.

And I told them that you [Mommy] boss me around all the time."

Thanks kid, I needed that one. So much for Mother's Day.

And last but not least, "I didn't tell everybody about my secret identity of a Crazy Kid."

Aaaaaaand scene.

This is the boy, gettin' all Lord of the Dance at Legoland in the jumpy water.

I just love his verve.

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