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Boo's Birthday

Yesterday, our baby turned three. I am still trying to grasp that one. It just doesn't seem possible that three years have gone by so quickly.

Things were kind of low key since it was Thursday and everyone wasn't around to whoop it up.

Grammy and Pop Pop got her a scooter. 
Since she is three, it made perfect sense to ride it in the kitchen and carry it past any obstacles.
Also, it wasn't light out yet, since we work the swing shift around here and got up at 4:43am.

Coffee is my best friend, people.

Our other big news is that the butterflies hatched. We checked them the other day, and low and behold, a few of the little guys were fluttering around in their habitat!

Famous Baby C waving goodbye to the butterflies.

I won't lie, I was in tears at this point. She did this all on her own and it was just so damn sweet. She really is like Snow White with her love of animals of all kinds.

She just kills me. She can be a total nightmare and then she does something like this and I just lose it.

The last one to hatch.

And after a quick snack of orange juice, they were gone.

Mr. Smith thought it was appropriate to let them go on her birthday and I agreed.
I am pretty sad they are gone though. It was amazing to watch them go through the whole process.

I can't recommend it highly enough. The kids were both so fascinated with the whole thing and checked their progress every day.

And the milestones just keep coming...

Famous Baby C turns 3