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Where were you..? Redux

We had another toilet almost explode.

Yup, you read that right.

It almost happened again.

As it turns out, these damn things are SUPER dangerous.

We had our trusty plumber guy come out and when he showed me to impending disaster, I almost puked on the floor.

I could not believe this was happening again. How was it even possible that something so dangerous to cause an explosion strong enough to shatter a porcelain toilet tank was being sold at Lowe's?

Want to know the scariest part?

That in and of itself would not have been so bad if the Sloan Exploding Toilet Device lady hadn't feigned ignorance and horror when she found out about our LAST incident with a Weapon of Ass Destruction!

So, Mr. Smith, being all tech-guy and stuff, hopped on the handy dandy computie and Googled "FlushMaster/explosion."

Imagine his surprise when he found the following:

You might want to take a moment to check the inside of your toilet tank.

I'm just saying.

P.S. The three units that were in our house (two defective, one of them exploded, one nearly exploded, one that can only be described as a ticking timebomb), yeah, not one of the serial numbers is covered in their little program.

Scary, scary, scary.

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