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Grand Master H's new favorite cookies

Young Master Smith is extremely fond of Cinnamon Rolls.
He is, in fact, a fanatic.
If I put butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and frosting on a car bumper that kid would eat it.

When I saw this recipe, I had a feeling that he would be very
interested in these.

Boy was I right!

I made the first half of the batch and he literally inhaled them.
He begged me to make the second half while he was at school the next day.

I had to make another batch for him. These have instantly taken up residence in his heart as his 
new favorite cookie.

The awesome thing, you use yeast, but it isn't activated, so there is no rising, punching down, etc. (Miss Amy, I am looking at you!). You just get the cinnamon roll experience without all the hassle.

And you can pack them in your lunch!


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