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The job you want

You know that old saying?

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.


I am not sure what Baby C was shooting for here, but oh my.

In other news, I have lost most of my voice.

Grand Master H is heavily involved in rehearsing for his holiday show at preschool. I bought tickets (he calls them take-its) today and almost burst into tears. Okay, I totally burst into tears but not until 
I got home and started telling Mr. Smith about it.

Baby C is, well, Baby C. If you have met her you know what I mean. Some days she is dusted in powdered sugar. Other days she is in a "I will cut a bitch" mood all day long. Most days are a mood swingy rolliecoaster ride between those two extremes.

Maybe it is better I lost my voice.

Grand Master H's new favorite cookies

The Petri Dish