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The Petri Dish

Ever since Grand Master H started school, we have fallen victim to every kind of illness you can imagine.

We had the flu, various colds, and more colds and another cold while we were at it.

Baby C is a pretty hearty lass. She generally does not get too sick for very long. She usually has a runny nose for a few days and then she is on to the next thing. When we were all puking for days, she threw up one time, in her sleep and that was that. Nothing more.

She really is amazing.

Last week she was delightful.

Playing the piano. Mugging for the camera and her father. Killing us with cute.

Multi-tasking. Playing piano and watching Bubble Guppies on her portable DVD player.

And then, within an hour, she was passed out in the chair with a cold.

And her ferociously over-protective brother covered her up while she slept and gave her a 
kiss on the cheek.

She has been hopelessly congested ever since.

As of Saturday morning, I have the rusty throat too.

Just shoot me.

We now refer to H's school as The Petri Dish.

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