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Bearing fruit

From our neighbor's tree.

Perhaps, technically, I stole it. It was hanging over the wall into our yard, so I don't feel too guilty.

I thought it was some kind of apple, mostly because I have never seen a pomegranate 
that has not ripened.

I was just so taken with the subtle shift of the skin from green to red and the little frill on the 
bottom from the bloom.

Things are gradually getting better around The Sick House.
I am still so easily tired. It is frustrating to have so much that I want/need to do and not have 
the energy to get much done.

Slowly, I am getting back to my normal self.
Messes are being dealt with, dinners are being cooked, baking is finally happening again.

I have so many posts just swirling around in my head!

Much more later.

This may be becoming a problem

The Light at the end of the tunnel