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This may be becoming a problem

In Southern California, you have to use your imagination to experience seasons. 
We just don't get that distinct nip in the air that Fall brings in other parts of the country.

Sorry, but 90 degrees in October is just wrong. It feels wrong.

I want crisp, brightly colored leaves.
I want to wear a jacket.
I want to NEED a damn jacket instead of air conditioning!

It shouldn't feel like a cold front when the temperature dips to 77.

Can you tell I miss Fall in Pennsylvania?

This time of year, my fancy turns toward pumpkin and spices, and molasses, and baking things. Things with apples and cinnamon, maybe some nutmeg or cloves.

I want smell Pumpkin Spice wafting through the house.

Luckily, Trader Joe's is available to indulge my fantasy of seasons as I stalk their aisles looking for Gingerbread Coffee and Pumpkin Ice Cream.

To that end, I discovered this recipe over the weekend.

I am not even going to tell you what I had for breakfast.

I may have been awakened at 4:05 by a certain young man. I felt like I deserved a little something sweet.

I may be rationalizing. Maybe I need a piece of cake.

Hey, did you know that Mimi's Cafe has pumpkin pancakes this time of year?

I'm just saying.

Smelling the Gingerbread

Bearing fruit