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The Light at the end of the tunnel

or maybe it is a train.
Hard to tell.

You may have noticed that I have been a bit scarce around here these last few weeks.

Yeah, we (except Mr. Smith) have been really sick.

I think it must have been some version of the flu. We were all running fevers for about a two week(s), coughing, no appetite, runny nose, but not a cold. Weird. The fever came and went. The children weren't sleeping. I wasn't sleeping because they weren't sleeping. I wasn't sleeping because when they were asleep I was scared to death that they weren't going to wake up.

This parenting gig is rough.

One night, Grand Master H went to bed at 4:30 and got up at 11:15...for the next day. 
He refused to sleep any more.
It was a very long, very crabby day.

The very next night he went to bed at 5:30 and slept straight through until 7:15 the next morning.

And Grilled Cheesus wept.

Oh, and both children will only take the Berry Flavored, Dye Free Ibuprofen from Target (their brand). No, they will NOT take the stuff that is faintly tinted orange, EVEN THOUGH IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME FLAVOR. No, they will NOT TAKE GRAPE FLAVORED ANYTHING! Not Tylenol, not Advil, not anything, not ever.

Target was out of Berry Flavored, Dye Free Children's Ibuprofen.

So, yeah.

That led to constant crying, wailing, negotiating, pleading, etc. to get these little monsters to take something, anything to help lower their fever so they could SLEEP!

Rather than link the taking of the medicine and actually feeling the slightest bit better and agreeing to take the medicine, it made MUCH more sense to fight with me for about 30 minutes each time I attempted to give them the reviled non-Target brand Berry Flavored with dye added ibuprofen.

With both children running fevers, each fighting with me for 30 minutes EACH and EVERY time, you can imagine how much of my day was consumed by arguing with short, feverish buttheaded people.

Me: Baby C, you need to take this medicine.

Baby C: WHY?!?!?

Me: Because it will help you feel better.

Baby C: Okay. [sits there, ignoring me, does nothing]

Me: Okay, so you need to take the medicine.

Baby C: WHY?!?!?!

Me: Because it will help you feel better.

Baby C: Okay. [sits there, ignoring me, does nothing]

And it goes on and on.

So that is pretty much how I spent the better part of the last two weeks. It is exactly like dealing with
tiny, angry dementia patients.

I know, it seems funny. Yes, Cousin D, I can hear you laughing at me.
 [BTW, thanks for the info via frantic texting. We have Mr. Jobs to thank for that! 
Oh, and your gazillion years of school too]

Since I got sick several days after both children, I am still sick. Still running a fever, still dealing with the added fun of a stubborn sinus infection, and two well children.

This made me laugh this morning.

In another life, when I was still living with Dead End Guy, he would get like this.
At one point, he was so miserable and I was at work. There was no one to witness his suffering, so he would call me, at work, so that I could hear him moaning over the phone.

We broke up not long after that, as you can imagine.

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