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10 Reasons I love my job

1) No commute.

2) I can work in my pajamas.

3) I get to set my own schedule. If I can't sleep, I can just get up and do my work. I get to amble through the dark quiet house, get my work done with no one interrupting me, and then fall back into bed.

4) I have the cutest co-workers. They do cool stuff, pay me in hugs and kisses, and I don't have to take them to daycare. They also think I am a great singer and artist, even though I'm not.

5) Every other morning, I get to sleep in as late as I want and Mr. Smith gets up with the babies. Even though I have fought him almost constantly on this arrangement, I really, really, really love getting to sleep in late. I think it is the greatest gift you can give a mommy.

6) Getting checks from clients and getting them ready to deposit into our checking account. It makes my heart leap, my pulse quicken and I feel giddy. I don't think it is about the money as much as it is an affirmation that people value what Mr. Smith and I do.

7) Working with my Mr. Smith. He is my favorite person on the planet and I can't believe that I am lucky enough to be married to him, let alone work with him.

8) Coffee in my very own mug, made in my very own coffee maker, in my very own kitchen. Awesome when you pair it with being able to work in your "Jamas" as Baby C calls them.

9) Having fun techie gadgets to work with, like our computers, phones, etc.

10) Learning new things every single day, even on the days that I don't want to because my "co-workers" will not be ignored!

I am a SAHM/WAHM with two children under 5. There are no easy days, and I am exhausted almost all of the time, but I would not trade my job for anything.

Tiny wonderful brownie cupcake yum!

Worse than the song that will not be named.