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Worse than the song that will not be named.

Through some cruel twist of intarweb fate, my son discovered Ultraman.

He is obsessed with it. We have figures, we have foes, we have DVDs that would make your blood run cold. The special effects are worse than Star Trek (TOS, for you geeks out there). The monsters, well, most of the time you can clearly see the zippers on the outfits. Not to mention the guy who turns into some sort of vegetation, yet continues to wear his suit, white shirt and TIE!??!

Anyway, we hear this song on a pretty much endless loop. I hear it even when it isn't playing. I have caught myself humming this crap.

It is worse than that stupid song from The Belly of the Beast ride. You know the one, with the little ethnic stereotypes dressed in supposedly ethnic clothes singing the hateful song in their native tongue.

Last time we went to The Belly of the Beast I took one for the team and consented to take the criminals on the ride. Of course they frickin' loved it and can't stop talking about it. Thankfully, they did not learn the words to the hateful song.

The worst part, both of my children now sing along in phonetic Japanese. When Grand Master H overheard some Japanese tourists speaking Japanese...yup you guessed it, he starts striking his most elaborate and attention-getting Ultraman poses.

We decided to move to another area of The Belly of the Beast...to avoid causing an international incident.

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