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Secret Agents

Dear Uncle A. - This one is for you. Happy Birthday. Hope this makes you smile!*

Hello, my name is Secret Agent Candy.

This is my trusty Secret Agent Sidekick. She is named Secret Agent Flowers.

Secret Agent Headquarters has detected a bad guy!

Secret Agents favorite drink is Hot Cocoa. They take it on all their investigations.

It is Bad Guy Polaska. I have the power to shoot out candy! You know bad guys HATE candy!**

Does it look like I am ready to go on a secret mission?

And NO, you are NOT coming Trusty Sidekick.

No, only Secret Agents. 

Okay, you stay here. ***

Mommy, tell me, "Be careful!"

*Photos: Vertigo B; Text: Grand Master H, random comment generator

**Secret Agent Candy's pieces of flair: Lightning McQueen sunglasses worn upside down, binoculars, white knit glove, pink cup of imaginary cocoa, foam Lego sword, set of emergency lights from Bruder firetruck.
***Secret Agent Flowers pieces of flair: Turquoise sunglasses, handmade mittens from Great-Grandmother Hilda, green hat from Wild Animal Park.

Worse than the song that will not be named.

The Bee and the Butterfly