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Tiny wonderful brownie cupcake yum!

The problem is I have access the internet.

When I have a few free minutes (and granted, those are not usually grouped together, but scattered through the day) I go trolling around looking at cooking blogs, blogs, recipes, etc.

This can be good and this can be bad.

Today it was bad.

I may have eaten one of these little fellas while I was taking the pictures. Accidents happen when you leave me alone with baked goods.

I found a recipe with four little ingredients. One of the ingredients happened to be Nutella, which of course got my attention RIGHT AWAY!

We are all looking for ways get more Nutella in our diets, right?

Oh, is that just me? I may be projecting.

Yeah, so all you need is Nutella, egg, flour and a tiny bit of cinnamon.

Yeah, I know! I totally have all that stuff!

Let me get a bowl and get started.

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