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Morning Light and random thoughts

It seems, and I realize I may be totally jinxing myself by talking about it, we have solved the lack of sleep marathon problem around here.

Grammy bought Famous Baby C a little dog named Violet. Violet plays music for 10-20 minutes, has a light up crescent moon and has saved our sanity.

Baby C now seems to be able to put herself (with an assist from Violet) back to sleep. This allows all of us to sleep later than 3:15 am.

The last three days, Baby C has slept past 5 am.

Good thing. We were starting to get kind of sketchy around here.

Turns out a body NEEDS to sleep. And not in little chunks. A decent 7-8 hours...STRAIGHT.

Nice save, Grammy! We are in your debt.

The Picture Fall photo prompt for Monday was Morning Light. Of course, we are having a kind of rainy/misty/darkish morning.

This is about the best I could muster. Chocolate chip banana bread with peanut butter, coffee and email.

Glamour, glamour, glamour.

In other, completely unrelated news, Grand Master H came to me and told me, "I am a criminal mastermind. I am also the Master of Disguise."

Even so, he isn't that hard to spot. You know, because he flops on the kitchen floor and all.

Especially since he needs help getting into his Venom costume. 

One day he tried to put it on without help. Both legs ended up in one pant leg. Naturally he couldn't walk and yelled for help. When I pointed out that having both legs in one pant leg was, well, limiting, he asked, "how can you tell I have both legs in one?"

Gee, buddy. You kind of look like Morticia Addams.

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