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Change of seasons

We have been experiencing some freaky ass weather in Southern California this past...well, several months.

We don't generally have seasons. Well, we have them, but they are rain, mudslide and fire seasons. Not the normal seasons that the rest of the country has each year.

This past week we have had record high temperatures (113° on Monday!). We have had thunder, lightning, and horrible humidity.

We are so spoiled that we find it makes us all feel better to whine about something like the weather.

My photo prompt Saturday morning was for a photo of my comfy spot. This was a tough one for me because it was hard to choose one place.

So while I was mulling over my options, I made this. Another recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I am almost a stalker of her blog/recipes.

 A Plum Apple Pie with only a top crust...a top crust that is more like a COOKIE than pie crust!

 Just lovely and totally worth heating up the house.

So, you are going to want to find some nice plums and apples and make one of these. When you do, go ahead and make sure to eat it while it is warm, maybe with some ice cream.

Oh yeah, and I used some of my homemade vanilla extract in the cookie. Not because the recipe called for it. Just because I was desperate to use it.

I am that much of a loser. I was excited to use vanilla extract I made myself.


I need to get a hobby.

Maybe after I have another piece of pie.

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