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Beauty Challenge

When I was a very little girl, probably about Famous Baby C's age or younger, my grandparents would take me on Dark Walks. We would wander her neighborhood after the sun went down. My grandmother would show me all the delicious secrets that the dark had to offer. Spiders spinning intricate webs, so strong, but so delicate. She would point out stars and tell me all kinds of things.

They were walking the dog, probably giving my parents a break from me, and spending time with me. The rest of her life my grandmother would ask me if I remembered these walks each time I saw her. She cherished the memories of them.

Last week, we had this guy take up residence in some geraniums. He was just so gorgeous. He would turn his regal little head very slowly to see who was coming to check him out. He moved very carefully, feeling his way before taking actual steps.

He was here for several days and then he was gone. It took us a while to verify that he had moved on. He is so perfectly camouflaged to hide from everyone.

Poor guy, Fall is their mating season, so he is out of luck if he finds a lady friend.

Sunday's Picture Fall photography prompt was to find something that is not considered beautiful, conventionally beautiful, that is.

Here is what I discovered in our yard.

Isn't he/she gorgeous?

Dear Grandma & Papa,

I am still looking at spider webs. All these years later, I still marvel at how amazing these constructions can be. I take photos and show them to my children. My children who let ants crawl up their arms and love to watch bugs.

I still watch the moon and the stars and point things out to my children.

Because of you I see beauty that others miss. Thank you for being such curious, amazing, involved, generous grandparents.

I love you and still miss you every single day.

B (even though I know you HATE nicknames)

Little Reminders

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