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Bringing Up Baby

Bringing Up Baby

Almost like clockwork, I would get strep throat every Spring. Who knows why, my pediatrician certainly never did. There were even threats of having my tonsils removed if it happened again. Apparently, that was enough to scare my immune system straight and I didn't get strep throat the following Spring, so mission accomplished!

In second grade, I was home sick with strep throat. My poor mother was probably run ragged by dealing with me and was searching the TV listing for something that might interest me. She found a movie, Bringing Up Baby and suggested that we watch it. It was an old movie, which was just fine by me, but I remember very clearly peppering her with questions about what the subject of the movie could possibly be, who was in it, was it good?

It was the beginning of a love affair. I fell in love with Cary Grant, screwball comedies, old movies, Katherine Hepburn, you name it. I was captivated.

At some point, I had been home sick, but was finally ready to go back to school. My mother actually kept me home an extra day, in that long-ago age before VCRs and DVRs, because she knew Bringing Up Baby was on the next day and she didn't want me to miss it!

Now THAT is awesome parenting!

About 30 years later, I would adopt this little guy and name him after Cary Grant. His name, before he became Cary Grant? Archibald Leach. And that was this little fuzzy faced guy's name. He wore it well for over 14 years.

I still miss him every single day.

I kind of like the idea of Archie and my mother, wherever they are, napping together. The two white hairs, snuggled on the couch, snoozing away.

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