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Canine Blues

Several years ago I had taken both children out in the absurdly huge double wide stroller for a walk. I had some psychotic delusion about losing that baby weight.

I got over it.


Anyway, as we were headed back toward the house, I could hear the most unholy sound. It sounded like a distant siren.


Kind of like this:


Mr. Smith and I have been trying to capture this for the masses ever since. Any time Archie believes he has been left behind, alone, out of his beloved crate, he howls. He tells the world about the depth of his despair and heartache. And then he sits on the rug just inside the front door and waits for someone to rescue him from his lonely sad existence. Except this time I was home.

I know the house is messy. Don't judge me. I have two people that follow me around and mess up anything I attempt to clean up.


P.S. I know I screwed up with the vertical video, but this was a stealth operation, I had no time to get technical!

I'm still standing

Archie and Famous Baby C