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Archie and Famous Baby C

In the interest of full disclosure, I did not actually take this picture. Mr. Smith took this. He is a far better photographer than I am.


Since this is a G-rated blog (in theory) I had to cover Archie's naughty bits. Also, he is a pretty modest guy and has requested that I respect his privacy and not flash his bits on the intarwebs. He has his standards after all, he is a pure bred dog.


I have been having some technical difficulties with uploading photos to the blog. Hopefully, that is over now.

I also have just not felt inspired lately. Things around here have been pretty stressy between the business, the babies, the usual stuff, etc. 

Anyway, aren't they sassy? Don't they look like they are ready to knock over a convenience store somewhere?

Stay tuned for Archie's first concert.

Canine Blues

My new favorite show