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The Noodle Shop

I am sure you are all wondering how I have been filling my days lately since
I don't appear to be writing anything around these parts these days.

I have been making noodles.

Yup, my life is THAT exciting.

I took a crack at making my own pasta years ago, but was extremely frustrated with the lackluster results. It seems that I needed to learn to be more patient. Go figure.

Even the notoriously picky Mr. Smith gave it rave reviews, so you know it is good.

Unfortunately, I only took this one photo with my iPhone.

I am not thrilled with the pictures I have been taking lately anyhow. Not sure why, but I am in a 
noodle-making rut right now.

Grand Master H is completely addicted to fresh pasta. He requests it daily, so that is how I have been filling my hours. Making the dough while he is at school, putting the water on to boil the moment we get back and then rolling and cutting sheets of past into fettucini style noodles for His Lordship. He devours them gleefully in massive quantities.

The whole process is actually quite soothing and has proven to be therapeutic for me. 

The other day, Grand Master H and I worked together at the dining room table so he could help. I showed him how to work the pasta machine. We stood side by side rolling the dough until 
it was almost transparent. He peppered me with questions. 

It was messy and dusted with flour, but wonderful at the same time. Just the two of us, working together to make something new out of ingredients (flour, eggs, olive oil and a pinch of salt) for his lunch.


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