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Preschool Confidential - Episode Six

H: Mommy, I have something to ask you.

Me: Yeah, buddy.

H: Are chocolate chip cookies a good prize?

Me: Yes, I think they are.

H: So when we get home, you can make me some chocolate chip cookies.

Me: Ummm, I can if I have the stuff and I have to let the butter get soft so I can mix it.

H: Yeah, the butter. When will they be ready?

Me: Not for a while.

H: Two minutes?

Me: No, longer than two minutes.

H: So they will be ready soon.

Me: Not real soon.

H: They will be ready when we get home.

Me: No.

We get home. He is genuinely surprised at the revelation that there are no warm chocolate chip cookies.

And then this starts.

And he keeps it up, asking about every 90 seconds.

H: Mommy, are they done yet?

H: Are they done now?

H: Are they done now?

H: How 'bout now?

Me: Yes, buddy. They are ready now.

H: Mommy, I always love you because you are the best mommy.

Me: Thanks.

Annual Beach Party

And this will explain...