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Playing Hookey

Yesterday we took a little break.

Mr. Smith and I decided to play hookey with the babies.

Grand Master H and Mr. Smith went wading. Actually Grand Master H went swimming. He has absolutely no concept of seasons or the fact that the water was frigid.

 Luckily, Mr. Smith stopped H when he started to strip.

We went to the beach in the middle of the day.

Just because we could.

And it was awesome.

We dug in the sand.

We saw tidepools that are teeming with life. 
To quote Famous Baby C, "Oh sea creatures, come out, come out where ever you are!"

I took pictures, lots and lots of pictures, but then you already knew that part.

It was lovely.

Until Grand Master H got hungry, then all hell broke loose.

And then he inhaled a bag of Goldfish crackers and did this. Yup, he fell asleep with his hand still in the bag and his completely awesome Mom took pictures of it, because I am exactly that awesome!


Baby C, fashionista

Baseball season is upon us