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Baby C, fashionista

Last Saturday evening I went to a Women in Business Mixer. 

I am kind of a recluse, so it was not easy for me to go. I had to screw up my courage and "put my face in." (By the way, Karen Walrond's book is nothing short of life-changing. Her pictures, her writing, her interviews are all so wonderful. You really should pick it up. Or you can check out her amazing photos and blog here.)

Anyway, the incredibly sweet and lovely Miss Christine was in attendance as well. She has an etsy shop with some really beautiful rings for sale. Her mother crochets these precious little hats and this one just shouted Baby C.

Well, it took several days, but the little diva Famous Baby C finally put it on. Sorry about the horrid quality, I could only get a photo with my phone. She moves fast and boy oh boy is she temperamental!


This is the real Orange County

Playing Hookey