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Where there's smoke, there's pizza?

Sometimes when you pursue greatness, there is collateral damage.

As I mentioned yesterday, Pampered Chef? Yeah, very pampered. Not very chef. More of a cook. The Pampered Chef pizza stone can't play in the big leagues. As in, it can't handle the heat of the a kitchen oven cranked to 500°.

If you do that, this will happen to your pizza stone.

And you will be very sad.

So, you are better off getting something with a little more muscle.

So the break in (figuratively) the new stone, I decided to make pizza.

I may have mentioned collateral damage earlier.

Yeah, turns out, if you put a plastic cutting board on the oven rack? Yeah, it melts.

Also, it turns out at 500° cornmeal turns into smoldering cinders.

Just so you know.

You might want to open the windows and doors if you use the cornmeal too liberally.
Like I did.

It gets pretty smoky.

So at the end of all the drama, you get this.

And this.

And you might even find out something that you never knew.

For instance, that your father worked in a pizza parlor his freshman year of college.
They paid him in pizza.

Not even my mother knew about that one.

Isn't it amazing what you can still learn about people?

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