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was not the best day.

It started out okay. Well, it started out waaaaay too early, but 4:20 seems to be our new wake up time around here. This is a development I am not pleased with, but have not figured out how to stop it.

Grand Master H was doing okay until I picked him up at school.

At least that is what seemed to be the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back.

As we got in the car he started raging at me. Just so you know, none of his accusations are true. He was seething and was not making any sense.

He was angry that I "made him" do the show at school.

"I hate that stupid cowboy costume. That cowboy costume is STUPID."

He throws his Spiderman backpack for emphasis.

"I told you I didn't want to be in the show, but you made me anyway."

I calmly explained that doing the show was entirely his decision. All he had to do was tell his teacher and he could stay backstage with her during the number.

"I wanted YOU TO TELL HER!"

Again, I calmly explained that he would have had to let her know, which he did not do.

He continued to rage.

By this time, we were on our street.

As our house came into view, he opened is door and attempted to get out.

Yes, we were driving slowly. Yes, he still had his seatbelt on and was not in any real danger. 
But, holy shit.

When I flipped my lid because I could not believe he had pretty much tried to jump out of a moving car THAT I WAS DRIVING, he completely lost it. He burst into tears, jumped out of the now parked car and ran away from me.

He refused to come in the house.

Mr. Smith went out and took him to McDonald's for a quick confab and some Cinnamon Melts.

It seems that all the stress, build-up, pressure of this holiday season just made the little guy flip.
"Christmas is taking too long," he told me when things had calmed down and he
 apologized for scaring me.

And after that, everything was fine.
No more tears, no more raging, stabby tantrums.

He just needed to get it out of his system.

As crazy as it seems, I completely get it. This time of year can get so crazy, so overwhelming. I can't imagine what it must feel like to him. He just snapped. 

I am very glad to have my sweet boy back.

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