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What the hell happened?

It can't be just me.
There have to be other people that are trying to figure out how we got, seemingly in the blink of an eye, from Thanksgiving to December 20th.

Where in the hell did the first 19 days of December go?

I can distinctly remember the days of the Advent Calendar CRAWLING by when I was a child.
We would be desperate to open that little window to get one day closer to the big day, my brother vibrating with excitement and sugar from the masses of chocolate sprinkles he consumed while making cookies.

We have been busy. Not crazy busy, but busy and that has kept me from posting.

Also, I have been doing battle with my post-Thanksgiving funk and between you and me, 
I have been losing the battle most days.

I have just not been feeling the spirit of Christmas.

On Sunday it finally took hold and I got to baking. More on that later.

Yesterday I went to a certain T-O-Y merchant. Yikes. It was crazy. You could see the fervor in the children's eyes. Also, the parents seemed desperate. Not financially, just like they could not figure out what to get for their children. Okay, I may have been projecting.

(As a side note: Who in their right mind takes a child to a T-O-Y store at this time of year? Seriously. Isn't that like those drunk teenagers that climbed into the tiger's pen a few years ago? Aren't you just ASKING for trouble? Based on what I witnessed yesterday...YES!! Also, to the idiot parents of poor little Landry who apparently just learned to walk...get a cart you gigantic assholes. Just because he learned to walk does not mean that he should be walking exclusively. It is okay to let the little unfortunately named cowpoke ride in a damn cart. Especially in the parking lot. Idiots.)

As you can see...I am FULL of Christmas spirit.

I am full of something anyway.

In other completely unrelated news, The Boo is trying to give up her nap.
Some days she is just nightmarishly cranky, other days I find her out cold somewhere in the house. See the great part is, she wakes up nightmarishly cranky.

Also, she still refuses to wear clothes.


Gene Kelly, eat your heart out...