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Picture Winter: Misplaced My Mojo

I kind of feel like I have lost my photo mojo.
I have had this feeling before. I know it isn't permanent, but it is extremely frustrating.

I take the pictures, but they just aren't any good.
I am not liking the photos, or they aren't good, or the light is wrong, or there is a weird reflection. It just isn't happening and I am not sure why.

That is why I have kind of flaked on Picture Winter. I am just not feeling it right now.

January 27
The prompt: Give Yourself a Hand

January 28
The prompt: Details of Winter

January 29
The prompt: Your Name in Lights

Friday we went to a dear friend's birthday party.

He is 5 now, which is extremely hard for me to believe. 

It seems like yesterday that Miss A and I were both pregnant ladies meeting for lunch on a hot Santa Ana windy day. Little Miss G had lunch with us and was delightful. We discovered that we were both having boys. How is it possible that it has been FIVE YEARS?

Unfortunately, my children were not feeling particularly social, so they clung to me like 
they were wrapped head-to-toe in Velcro.

Famous Baby C was too excited to take a nap before the party, so most of the time was spent circling the drain. They were finally warming up just as we were about to leave.

My children are ingrates.

Since Friday afternoon, I have been cooking like a maniac.

I made Smitten Kitchen's Chocolate Pudding Pie.


It is exactly as good as it looks. If you like pudding, and you know you do, you should make this.

Of course, I had a second pie crust, so of course I HAD to make another pie. So today I made carmel pudding, because, as I mentioned, I HAD to make another pie, dammit. It was just one of those things.

Well, I am here to tell you, this carmel pudding is un-frickin-believeable!

Yes, it takes some time to carmelize the sugar. Yes, it is time intensive. 
But the results, ohhhhh the results.

All of this cooking somehow gave me my mojo back.

January 30
The prompt: Glimmer of Hope

The texture is courtesy of the generous nature of 

We have these geraniums that are literally un-kill-able

They have survived too much rain, not enough rain, cold, hot, you  name it. 
They just keep blooming and blooming.
You just have to admire a flower/plant that is that plucky!

Today is the last day of the class and, if I am completely honest, I am a bit relieved. I just don't have winter pictures. I don't have snow or interesting icicles or any of that cool winter stuff. Nope. The best I can muster is a random rain shower we had yesterday. Doesn't exactly shout winter, does it?

Warm Comfort

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