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Picture Summer Photo Album-Part 2

This is Part 1, if you are interested. If not, sorry I bored you with my sad little photography show.

Here is the next set of prompts from Picture Summer.

July 11th prompt was: Treat Yourself. We were asked to take the time and treat ourselves to something special. Something indulgent.

No brainer.

Doughnuts (Boston Cream style, of course). Coffee.

Do I need to say ANYTHING else?

July 12th prompt was: Simple Solitude. I get my peace, my quiet, my solitude when I am baking. Also, there is nothing more soothing than the smell of baking bread. I don't care how bad your day has been, fresh, hot bread...it all just melts away.

July 13th prompt was: Juicy Fruit.

Vine-ripened Roma Tomatoes. 'nuff said.

July 14th prompt was: Summer Breeze. Famous Baby C, ballerina bathing suit including tulle tutu, summer breeze at the beach and a new camera. Just beautiful.

July 15th prompt was: Picture Postcard. This was the prompt that really got me going. I fiddled around with these two all day, off and on. Just so you know, it was the same photo used for both of these. I just manipulated it in Photoshop.

This was the day I found this site. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Oh man, was that an eye-opener! Poor Mr. Smith, I was worthless for the rest of the day!

July 16th prompt was: Friday Light. The night before, we had a freak thunderstorm and the most spectacular sunset. Mr. Smith was generous enough to not mock me when I ran out to drive the hills of the neighborhood, catching shots of the clouds, colors, etc.

July 17th prompt was: Visual Interest. Another photo from after the thunderstorm. I rounded the corner and saw, of all things, a rainbow.

I almost went all Dorothy Gale and started belting out Over the Rainbow, but there was an emo boy taking photos too. I am sure he has never seen Wizard of Oz and would have just been terrified to hear an old Mommy singing. When I said hello to the little shit, he just gave me a look that made me want to slap him. Anyway, I got this beautiful photo, emo or not!

July 18th prompt was: Playtime. We were supposed to get in touch with our inner child. Needless to say, I don't have to reach very far for that one.

Our little artists have been extremely prolific this summer. Since I had a stack of drawings, we decided to start a museum on a blank wall. We had a great time hanging the drawings, making a sign for the door to let "customers" know there was a museum here.

July 19th prompt was: Jump Shot. This one is from the archives. Grand Master H discovered his happy place, turns out it is a trampoline. He could live on one. Luckily, his aunt and uncle are in possession of one.

July 20th prompt was: When Order is in Order. Sometimes you just need a little order in the chaos of summer. That was our prompt. 4th generation piano. Left behind when my mother-in-law was removed from the house by the sheriff.

July 21st prompt was: Spacey.

Did you miss Part 1? Do you even care? Are you sick of me peppering you with questions I can't hear the answers to?

Here is Part 1.

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