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Oreo Cake

I found this cake recipe yesterday on Smitten Kitchen's blog.

She is my hero. When I grow up, assuming I ever do, I want to be Smitten Kitchen.

This seems to be shaping up as the summer of the loaf pan. I am very into baking loaves right now and I am not exactly sure why.

I did have a little trouble with this one, but I think it was my own fault. It turns out, if you open the oven at exactly the wrong moment to check on the cake and it isn't done, it falls a little in the middle. This will give you a slightly heart-shaped loaf and is very frustrating.

I have fallen victim to this a few times. Once when I made an ill-fated birthday cake for my beloved Papa Doty. I opened the oven, the handle slipped out of my hand, the door slammed, both layers fell. I ended up with two huge bagels.

My cousin, who doesn't really cook, was super helpful and suggested I just fill the centers of both layers with frosting.

Yeah, not so much.

Being the total perfectionist hot head that I am, I had a tantrum. I think it was the only time my grandfather was angry at me. He could not stand it that I was being so hard on myself.

Okay, so I made the cake. I used this cocoa from King Arthur Flour that is insanely dark.

Well, I am here to tell you this cake tastes EXACTLY life the cookie portion of Oreos. It, quite simply, rocks.

The beautiful part? You can literally make this in one bowl, throw it in the pan, throw it in the oven and in about an hour, you have lovely Oreo cake goodness.

Now, I ask you, does it get any easier than that?

Top it with a little whipped cream, ice cream, melted peanut butter, Trader Joe's Midnight Moo, fresh raspberries, maybe some raspberry couli and pat yourself on the back for being so damn smart.

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