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Gone too soon

Uncle Don with David, late 60's

It seems that, with certain people, there is never enough time.

When they come to visit, they don't stay long enough. When they are gone, they are missed more keenly than other visitors.

They are charming, but not in a creepy way. They have amazing/hilarious stories of their exotic adventures that make your life seem so mundane.

They have a grace about them that make everyone around them seem better, brighter, shinier.

They can be brilliant without ever seeming arrogant or cocky.

Uncle Don was all of these things and so much more.

When Mr. Smith and I took our first road trip together, we went to visit my Aunt Susan and Uncle Don. They live in Berkeley and I wanted them both to meet Mr. Smith.

They were so excited to have us visiting. They live in a duplex (basically two houses and they let us stay in the empty one).

Don made sure to stock the refrigerator for us. Apparently, he fancied himself a future proprietor of a Bed and Breakfast. He was a wonderful host.

They took us to dinner at a restaurant on the bay to watch the sunset. We had too many drinks and too much food, but the view was spectacular and we had a wonderful time together. They recounted the story of the day they got married and suggested nearby spots for us the get married.

David, Vertigo B and Uncle Don on the playground

Sunday, we lost a member of our family and he will be sorely missed. His stories, his unique sense of humor, his brilliance, his generosity of spirit will all live on in our memories.

I am proud to have known him at all.

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