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1. I got to sleep in, which is so completely awesome. It feels so good to not have to hit the floor running after a rough time the night before (Baby C decided that 3:08 is a perfectly acceptable time to get up for the day).

2. The kiddie pool was getting a little swampy, as in murky and a lovely spot for mosquitos to set up housekeeping, so I decided it was time to empty it. Naturally, all the cups and toys were congregated in the center of the pool. Fully clothed, home alone with the kids and dog, I thought the best thing for me to do was step into the pool, retrieve the toys and bleach them beyond recognition. Yeah, easier said than done. As soon as I stepped in, my right foot slid, causing me to almost do an involuntary split (Owww!) and smash my right hand in a desperate bid to keep out of the sort-of-thickish water. Injury report: two injured fingers (bruised, scraped), hurt left thigh and back, pride and dignity are both completely gone. My only consolation is that no one actually witnessed my spastic dorkiness.

3. Miss Amy and her beautiful children stopped by to deliver us these fabulous apples. In exchange, I gave Miss Amy some of my Crook Neck Yellow Squash. We were like little pioneer women, sharing the wealth. It was kind of great. The best part, though, was watching all five of our children running around, jumping down the stairs, playing with the dog, screaming their heads off and just generally having the BEST time together. Such fun! They played Simon Says and Hide and Seek and I/they loved every last minute of it.

4. I remembered that today is Mr. Smith's birthday (Happy Birthday, sweetie). Yes, we got married the day before his birthday, but that is another story! So, I fired up the mixer, the oven and got to work on this cake. Thanks to Smitten Kitchen for the yellow cake recipe!

After getting the layers in the ovens, I started cleaning up the kitchen and promptly sliced open my ring finger on my left hand (ironic, considering it was our anniversary). Blood is not an acceptable ingredient in yellow cake, or any cake for that matter. Well, maybe Red Velvet, since you wouldn't be able to see it. Still, biohazard cake. Not going to be a big seller.

A very young Mr. Smith with his mother

Also a very young Mr. Smith with his father

5. Both children were in bed by 7:10 pm. Therefore, all was right with the world. Yes, I am that old. When you get up around 4:00 am, 7:00 pm is a late night!

Gone too soon

A lovely jumble