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A suspicious yellow puddle

Any of you that are parents/pet owners know that finding a suspicious yellow puddle can launch a daunting series of questions and an investigation.

Problem: Three suspects, none of them forthcoming with any useful information.

One will only talk about Ultraman, Spiderman and Star Wars.

One saw the crime scene and said, "That yucky, Mommy." and fled the scene.

The third suspect, well, he has lawyered up and will not say a word without counsel. In the meantime, he has opted to hunt for lizards.

As it turns out, the true culprit was a bottle of Lysol All-Purpose Household Cleaner. It has a tiny crack in the bottom of the FULL bottle that had been leaking into the bottom of the VERY cluttered cupboard for several days. It had finally reached a critical mass and caused a flow out the cupboard door, onto the floor and across the laundry room. This means that the cupboard and the contents of the cupboard are marinated in the yellow muck.

Excuse me while I figure out where to start with the crime scene mop up.


Post Edit 11:01 PDT: Turns out the Lysol All-Purpose Household Cleaner lathers up when it makes contact with water. Thanks Reckitt Benckiser for turning the laundry room into a ceramic tile skating rink. We should be able to walk in there without rubber-soled shoes in early 2022. 

It also turns out that there was a pile of dirty laundry on the other side of the laundry room that was doing a pretty handy job of wicking up the Lysol All-Purpose Household Cleaner. I wonder what that will do to the High Efficiency Front Loading Washer?

Post Edit 11:28 PDT: I forgot to mention that this happened about 48 hours after the toilet in the main bathroom was squirting water from the tank and half flooded the floor in the bathroom.

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