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A backwards glance...

I saw a post on another blog about what was going on in past years on this day.

It got me thinking.

July is huge around here and not for the fireworks. It seems like all of our big stuff happens in July.

It includes Mr. Smith's birthday, my own birthday (which I enjoy ignoring) and our anniversary.

Here is the first photo of us ever taken.

It was taken about five years ago this week. This was the night that my poor parents met Mr. Smith's mother. I will just tell you that Mr. Smith's mother flirted with my father...in my mother's presence. I was about four weeks pregnant, suffering from severe bronchitis and then my future mother-in-law is puttin' the moves on my father? Seriously? AWWWWKWARD!

By July of 2006, we had added this little party animal to our little family.

Can you stand it? That hair...it literally stood on end, naturally! It was the funniest thing ever. He was such a good time Charlie. This picture just makes me smile every single time I see it.

He is the reason I started blogging. My parents were traveling for the month of July (as they do every year) and my mother was devastated to be away from him for so long. She demanded daily pictures and a blog seemed like the easiest solution. It was never intended to go on for four years!

By 2007, he looked like this. Am not exactly sure how he grew up so fast. I have photos, but I still feel like I missed so much.

And then, in 2008, we added this little Diva to our clan. She is a firecracker. She was even before she was born.

By July of 2009, they were looking like actual kids, not babies. We took them across the country for a family reunion. It was rough in spots, but we made it. All four of us traveling together.


Here is what they look like today.

I hear about people who have a "five year plan." How in the hell can you see that far down the road? 

I have never been one to have a long term plan. That has annoyed and frustrated many people in my life. Sometimes it has even annoyed and frustrated me.

There is something to be said for being open to the unexpected, isn't there?

I never would have or could have guessed that this is where I would be, but you can bet, I am enjoying this journey.

A suspicious yellow puddle

Something is A Miss