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Picture the Holidays

Today Picture the Holidays started.

I can't tell you how excited I was to get that first email in my inbox! I have been looking forward to this class since Picture Fall ended.

The prompt today was Holding onto Gratitude. We were asked to photograph something that we are grateful for today.

Since I am baking today, I am very grateful for the baking tradition that has been handed down through my family. I am not even sure how far back it goes, but it gives me such joy and comfort. There is something so basic and fulfilling about being able to feed my family.

And, today I am very grateful for naps. Famous Baby C is a pill every day, but today she has been a real handful, so today, I am really really grateful for her nap.

The best part, when I tiptoed into her room, she is half sitting up, in her heap of stuffed animals, with a pig on her head, passed out cold.

That just makes my day!

P.S. Both of these photos? Took them with the new lens that Mr. Smith was nice enough to get me. Thank you for feeding my photography junkie status. Love you honey!

Dog with a love for the white stuff

A Typical Day