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A Typical Day

Do you watch Modern Family? If you don't, you should seriously reconsider. It is so well written and acted. I love the characters so much. It is such an honest representation of a family with all of its foibles and contradictions.

Anyway, a recent episode included a sub-plot about a phantom beeping smoke alarm in the house. The husband is literally obsessing over finding and stopping the beeping, to no avail.

I am not doing it justice. Trust me, go watch it.

Thursday, Mr. Smith was the first to hear the beeping.

The problem: we could not figure out what the hell was beeping.

I would love to be able to tell you that this is an unusual occasion around here, but it isn't. We just have such a handle on how to party on a holiday weekend.

This kind of stuff goes on around here all the time.

Finally, we zeroed in on the garage. The source of the beeping (which was happening approximately every 30 seconds or so) was in the garage.

At first Mr. Smith believed it was coming from his car.


Then we decided it might be coming from Grammy's Mini Cooper. I got in the car, I started the car, we checked the doors, the trunk, etc. No such luck.

Luckily, Grammy came to help. You know, because her hearing is flawless. She brought her hot tea with her when she came to investigate what we were up to in the garage. The perfect accessory for backing cars of the garage, and attempting to locate the source of a super annoying beep.

After some serious rearranging of the cars, we were able to narrow it down to something in the garage, not one of the cars.

We were going around, all three of us, listening, waiting for the next beep.

The whole scene was completely ridiculous.

It was the garage door opener. The garage door opener with a backup battery the size of the Mini Cooper. The garage door opener with one light cover blasted out because The Monkey put too large a lightbulb in the socket. The garage door opener that has been making us all crazy of late by having a mind all its own, going up and down, sometime refusing to go down, etc.

Once we removed the misbehaving battery, all was quiet.

And then, a peaceful Thanksgiving could be had by all.

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