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I have writer's block.

I don't really have much to say. Even what I do have to say doesn't come out right or sound right or seem worth writing about.

So, here is a fantastic recipe. I can't urge you strongly enough to go make this. It is amazing and makes the whole house smell great. The perfect fall recipe.

I just roasted the squash with nothing on it. All you need to do is split it in half, clean out the seeds and yucky stuff, place it cut side down in a glass baking dish with 1/4 cup of water, bake it at 350° until tender.

Scrape the flesh out and go ahead and use it to make this fantastic bread.

You will thank me later.

The prompt for yesterday was Unexpected Enchantment. Something that is simple that you love and makes you happy.

Here is the photo that I chose.

I know this looks like the mangiest collection of rotten leaves, but there is a story.

My little Irish grandmother could find four leaf clovers like nobody's business. I can't tell you how many times we would be standing in the yard talking, waiting for the dogs to do their thing and she would look down, and there one would be.

It made me crazy.

I would look. I would spend hours, days, looking to no avail. I never was able to find one no matter how hard I looked.

As I got older, I just sort of stopped. There didn't seem to be any point anymore.

In May of 2004, I was in Louisiana for my uncle's memorial service. It was a sad reason to be there, but there are several funny stories associated with that trip. Some day I will be able to write again and share them.

Anyway, as we were walking from the car to my aunt's little house, I glanced at the grass. There was a HUGE four leaf clover. That is the large green one in the frame.

It seemed appropriate to add my find, at last, to my grandmother's collection.

That is what I photographed.

Have a great weekend and hopefully I will kick this funk that I am in right now.

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