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More prompts, mediocre photos

This encouraged us to take a break from our busy lives. This was a tough one since, well, my life is insane. Breaks, well, they are few and far between. Especially on those days that follow the misery of being awakened 5-6 times between 2 am and 4 am.

Of course, my comfort comes from baked goods. Don't judge me.

Luckily I had a no-bake peanut butter tart on hand to help me through my sleep deprivation hangover.

Today the prompt was Good Day Sunshine. We were supposed to photograph some form of sunshine that was brightening the relatively dull Fall weather.

Yeah, we don't really have that in So Cal, but here is what I had to offer.

And then, one of the other women in the class mentioned this gal's website. Oh my goodness! I am completely addicted and can't stop reading her blog, downloading textures, you name it.

How cool is this?


My first guest post!