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Another date night and another prompt

Poor Mr. Smith.

We went out on a little date Saturday night. Nothing catastrophic happened. Which is awesome news, considering our recent track record.

The reason I say, poor Mr. Smith, he ended up sitting in the car listening to a podcast while I took pictures. Again.

The poor man. He very kindly suffered in silence. He was even encouraging when I felt like a gigantic loser lugging around my tripod, camera, sitting in the dirt in the dark at the local LDS church. Bless his heart.

Today the Picture Fall prompt was to look at the texture of things and less as the color. We should be leaning toward the monochromatic.

This is a close-up shot of the pinecone thing in the center of my neighbor's palm tree. I guess that would make it a palmcone? I don't know, but the thing is HUGE. I am talking like two feet long and kind of phallic (sorry Mom).

Mr. Smith feels this is kind of scary, but I thought it looked really beautiful with the color stripped away so you could focus on the texture.

I might be a geek.

Sleep deprivation: A lifestyle

Awesome spoof!