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And the results are in...

my tummy, that is!

When I was in college, I worked in a movie theater as a cashier. I was the girl in the glass booth, selling tickets. I had to wear a maroon bow tie and matching polyester vest. We all shared the vests and believe me, they got pretty stinky. I still hate the smell of movie theater popcorn burning. Sends me on an extended flashback.

It was the first upscale theater in our area, so it was pretty big news. We sold ridiculous things like ice cream, espresso, Swiss chocolate and Jelly Belly jelly beans. Don't ask me why, but it was extremely popular.

Down the red carpeted ramp, to the left was a kiosk that sold cinnamon rolls, pecan buns and other heavenly creations. The owners were so smart, they would come and get the movie schedule from us (the one that charted all the exit times of the different theaters for the ushers) so they could have fresh, warm, seductive rolls ready for people leaving the movies.

The smell, oh the smell, wafting into my bullet-proof booth was unbelievable. You could smell them anywhere in the mall. The cinnamon fingers of the perfume, luring you to the spot where you could purchase the delight. Okay, so now I am drooling.

Until now, I have not found a Sticky Bun to rival those. This recipe is a winner. Yes, it requires a bit of planning and yes, it makes three pans of these Sticky Buns. Take my work for it, you won't be sorry to have three pans of these things. Your clothes may be a little tighter, and yes, you may have to go a few extra minutes on the treadmill.

So make the room in the fridge.

Yes, that is, in fact, melted butter that those soon-to-be Sticky Buns are swimming in right there.

Yup. Made the Sticky Buns, baked the Sticky Buns, ate the Sticky Buns.

I am not going to lie, they were still warm when I ate them. I am also not going to feel guilty about it! It was out of my hands, dammit. The blame belongs with those bastards (I mean that in the kindest sense of the word!) at King Arthur Flour.

I mean, are you kidding me? Just look at that molten sugar, oozing down the sides.

Is there are more sublime concoction than butter, sugar and cinnamon? I think not. The sugar changes into sweet lava during the baking. When the are still hot, you flip the pan over and have the ultimate decadent indulgence. Gooey, sweet, warm Sticky Buns.

A few notes, I used walnuts instead of pecans. I didn't have any pecans on hand, and honestly, I like walnuts better.

I also made my own cinnamon filling with granulated sugar, cinnamon and a little water. Worked just as well and saved having to order their stuff and wait for it to arrive. After I saw the recipe, that was completely out of the question.

Lastly, I used some honey and some Karo syrup and it worked just fine as well. It seems like a pretty bulletproof recipe, so change it up to suit your tastes!

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