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These people are KILLING ME...

When I checked my mail this morning, this is what I found!

Now, I am forced to make them, devour them and report the results to you, internet. Thanks for NOTHING!

Do you realize how many hours I am going to have to ride that exercise bike like some manic hamster to get rid of these sticky buns? HUH?? Do you even care, internet?

Of course not.

So no more of you getting all inter-netty in my in-box and causing all this trouble! My big chubby butt can't take it any MORE!!! This is the last time I am going to fall for your sticky bun tricks.

Okay, probably not, but I had to at least sound like I was putting up a fight.

The dough is in the fridge.

I will let you know what happens tomorrow

And the results are in...

And that is what you get for makin' Whoopie